The first cold days have already been felt as winter draws closer. You're beginning to remove your coats and sweaters, but this time you want to maintain your bohemian appearance, whether it's snowing or raining! After all, boho attire is not only appropriate during warm weather.

As the days grow shorter and colder, the bohemian winter look is really enjoyable to wear. XXL fleece sweaters, thick boots, and heavy coats will keep you warm while enhancing your fashion sense.

How do you look your best in a bohemian winter look?

Without leaving out the hottest shoes and accessories for this season, Label Reyya will demonstrate the benefits of layering and which things are absolute necessities.

Afro Tweed Multi-Color Frill Jacket

It's an art to layer

Do you understand the layering clothing trend?

The boho style has been perfectly adapted to layering clothing in a fashionable way. Regardless of the outside temperature, you can stay warm by dressing in several layers.

You may take off or add layers as the temperature changes during the day, which is a great approach to dealing with it. As a result, by sliding your favorite summer clothing over a winter outfit, you may make them look brand new again. To avoid appearing like a sack of potatoes, you must perfect this trick, though.

Firstly, layer two or three garments from lightest to bulkiest clothing, being careful not to overdo it.

Think of wearing a thin shirt or a short cotton dress underneath a thick sweater or a long knit vest, for instance. For a fashionable style, don't forget to make the bottom layers protrude. Similarly, roll up your sleeves and raise your collar to reveal the gorgeous blouse hidden behind your knits.

To obtain a great layering appearance, mix up the lengths, thicknesses, and materials. Most importantly, avoid layering two heavy fabrics on top of each other.

There are two options when it comes to color selection: either you choose a particular color palette, such as a variety of blue or brown tones, or you combine several hues. By pairing them with more subdued clothing, think about muting the patterns and vibrant colors.

Additionally, you can layer a long coat on top of your jacket or combine two coats of contrasting lengths and materials—very stylish!

The key pieces and fabrics for this season

If you don't want to instantly freeze, the correct fabric must be chosen to withstand wind, rain, and occasionally snow. You can stave against the cold by wearing wool, velvet, leather, suede, and faux fur.

The oversized vest, the sweater dress, the poncho, boho jackets, and long coats are some of the essential bohemian winter clothing pieces. These pieces will not only give you a boho-chic look but also all the warmth and comfort you require to take full advantage of this cozy season. 

Jungle Jacket

Our Afro Olive Jungle Jacket is a classic fit that will give you mountains that will give you mountains and safari vibes. It is made up of rayon staple quilted fabric which has a closure of the front opening zip on the jacket and detachable zip on the hood. The jacket also comes with adjustable drawstrings on the hem and jacket hood and details of smocking on the waist and cuff. This olive jacket will make any outfit look stunning and boho while adding boots to it. 

Afro Olive Jungle Jacket

The oversized vest or sweater

For a warm and comfortable bohemian look, wear a long or short cardigan, a knitted vest, or a loose crochet sweater over your dress or blouse. For a warm and comfortable bohemian look, wear a long or short cardigan, a knitted vest, or a loose crochet sweater over your dress or blouse. The XXL thick knitted model, which is simple to layer with many different garments, will add a casual touch to your ensemble.

Sweater dress

The sweater dress is the best winter outfit for a bohemian, turtleneck or not. To combat the cold while still looking fashionable, it can be worn with tights and boots. Consider wearing a belt to accentuate your waistline with your sweater dress for added elegance.

Tweed Woven Jacket

Choose a Tweed woven Jacket to complete your elegant boho winter outfit and pair it with flared jeans or a boho co-ord set. This bright multicolor tweed jacket with eye-catching lace details, on the other hand, will enhance your bohemian appearance well. It is made up of jacquard fabric that comes up with a front open neckline and is embellished with multicolor laces. Finally, a jacket that will add a dash of rock'n'roll, and will give off a Western vibe. 

Bright Multicolor Tweed Woven Jacket

The Long Coat

The three primary stars of winter are the trench coat, and faux fur coat—especially in their long versions. They go great with the majority of your wardrobe because they are soft but fashionable. You'll get the sensation of being buried behind your comforter. Excellent comfort is assured!

Which boho shoes to choose in winter?

Everyone is aware that we catch colds through our extremities. Because of this, we strongly advise switching out your sandals and canvas shoes for some booties so that you may still look completely boho.

Biker Boots

The biker boots will offer you a rebellious appearance thanks to their durable leather, huge buckles, and metal studs. When combined with a leather perfecto and worn out, they will offer a slightly raw and adventurous touch that will guarantee the rock'n'roll look.

Western boots

Boho footwear is undoubtedly comprised of suede boots with several buckles or tassels. To keep your feet toasty and add a western flair to your boho ensemble, choose ones that are fleece-lined.

High Boots

High boots in leather, cognac, or suede can make your legs look longer while also keeping you warm. For a bohemian-chic look, choose heels with a pleated texture. This winter, beige, camel, and brown hues are popular.

Knuckle-High Boots

The over-the-knee boots have a really feminine and vintage appeal because they are black and laced. When worn with a turtleneck dress or cardigan, these high boots—long shunned for their obscene side—look quite lovely. 

Accessories that make the perfect boho winter look

We can't stress enough how incomplete the boho look would be without its assortment of accessories.

Boho Hat

When the weather becomes chilly in the winter, a wool fedora or a felt trilby is perfect for adding personality to your bohemian ensemble. The Gavroche cap has a similarly endearing throwback appearance. You'll value the big-knit beanie that you may wear with a stylish scarf on chilly days.

Gypsy Bag

Boho-style shoulder bags or pouches, whether made of leather, suede, or fabric, are the ideal addition to your boho ensemble. The gypsy bag is a must-have item for carrying your possessions because it combines usefulness and flair. You can select a fringed model with ethnic motifs or pompoms according to your style.

Boho Belt

The belt is a terrific item to emphasize your boho appearance in winter because it is both functional and fashionable. constructed from leather, rope, braid, studs, or even embroidery. To draw attention to your waistline and organize your look, choose a large belt or a belt with a huge buckle.

Necklaces, Bracelets, and Jewelry

Don't forget to add the finishing touch with lovely jewelry that is embellished with gems, pearls, and other fantasies. Necklaces will look fantastic over a sweater. Wear a couple of rings and roll up your sleeves to display your bracelets for the ultimate head-to-toe bohemian look

You have a cozy and fashionable look, so you're prepared for the chilly and dark winter, more boho than ever! Enjoy this enchanted season with our boho-chic collection while wearing your trendy jackets and coats over our maxi dresses, midi dresses, and co-ord sets. Label Reyya also has an amazing collection of boho jackets that can take your boho attire to the next level. 

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