The meaning of bohemian is a socially unconventional person, especially the one who is involved in arts. Being a bohemian is to feel unburdened by the shackles of society, not just to feel different. 

Bohemian clothes look a lot different than regular traditional clothes. Bohemian style drives itself from the hippies back in the 70s. They take the style approach with flowers as a crown combined with plain unstitched clothes. This makes the boho culture more in touch with their environment. 

“We are all a little bit hippy, a little bohemian. We take that from the culture we knew, from the '70s and the '80s.”

Beginning of Modern-Day Bohemian Fashion 

The lifestyle of the bohemian has a rich history dating back to the 1970 cold war and the hippies that emerged in that era. Hippies are the most impactful in the history of bohemian culture. 

The roots of bohemian culture may date back even further to 29th century France. France was in political turmoil in the 19th century and the people who had been beaten into submission by the ruling elite were now becoming resentful. This led to the French revolution in which the rich were brought down and the oppressed were given a chance. Due to this, the rich people started wearing older clothes which started the bohemian fashion. 

But there are some people who reject this and believe that bohemians were a tribe that lived separately and away from the norms. Their way of living brought a bohemian lifestyle. 

Ways to Experiment Bohemian Lifestyle and Fashion

bohemian fashion

Opt for a Relaxed Look

The Bohemian lifestyle focuses on being free from societal norms and it is reflected in the clothes. Their goal is achieved by dressing like nomads from which their lifestyle is derived. They wear everything without caring about the colors and mismatching the pairs. If you are looking for bohemian-style resort wear clothes then you can visit

Go for a hippie look with oversized dresses

If you are opting for a bohemian look then you should look at maxi dresses and midi dresses as they look cool and casual. If these are not what you are looking for then you can go for shirt dresses which should be comfortable. 

bohemian fashion

Bohemian Fashion is more than just a fading trend and it's more than just a fashion craze. It is a lifestyle complete with a highly recognizable and equally artistic corresponding way of dressing. It is a style where the mixture of prints and materials meet, the bohemian style is not only the representation of the wide range of cultures around the globe, but it is also a fusion of different iconic fashion eras. 

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